Reese Applauds Successful Castle Doctrine Passage

Calling it a victory for law-abiding citizens in Pennsylvania, Rep. Mike Reese (R-Fayette/Westmoreland) said today that he is pleased by the Senate vote that passed House Bill 40, known as the Castle Doctrine. 

“There has been a lot of debate over this very important legislation for the past several years, and the Senate vote sending it to Governor Tom Corbett is a clear victory in guaranteeing the right of self-defense for all law-abiding citizens in Pennsylvania,” said Reese. “This legislation is the result of a great deal of bipartisan support and reflects the will of the majority of our residents who want the advantage in life-threatening situations to be turned from the criminal to the law-abiding person. Also, I believe that the provision protecting citizens who defend themselves from ruinous civil action is very important as well. This is a fine bill and I am proud to have supported it.” 

House Bill 40 passed both the House and Senate by substantial bipartisan margins and the governor has indicated that he will sign it into law. Reese said the legislation has specific language that will permit law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their homes and any places outside of their homes, businesses, automobiles or state parks where they have a legal right to be.  

Reese added that there are exceptions to the new presumption, if the person entering a home was another resident of the home, a law enforcement officer or a parent, grandparent or other guardian removing a child from the home or vehicle. There is also a provision that the presumption would not apply if a person was using their home or vehicle to further criminal activity.  

State Representative Mike Reese
59th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Raymond Smith

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