Reese Blasts Transportation Spending Bill
HARRISBURG – After the House voted in favor of a $2.3 billion funding increase for transportation, Rep. Mike Reese (R-Westmoreland/Fayette) strongly criticized the legislation calling it a tax increase.

“No one can really debate that our roads and bridges need some serious investment,” Reese said. “Where those dollars were to come from is an important question. All the House did with this bill was take money out of our constituents’ wallets and put it into a leaking bucket.”

Earlier this year, Gov. Tom Corbett pushed a proposal to generate revenue by removing a cap on the state’s wholesale gas tax and increasing licensing and registration fees. It has been estimated that when the cost is passed on to retail consumers, gasoline could increase by approximately 28 cents per gallon over a five-year period. After the amendment failed to pass in the House on two occasions on Monday, it passed Tuesday by a vote of 104-95.

A breakdown of the annual increase includes roughly $1.8 billion for roads and bridges, $500 million for mass transit and $144 million for rail freight, ports and airports. But Reese is quick to point out that, according to the Federal Highway Administration, in 2010 Pennsylvania spent nearly $71,000 per road mile, ranking the Commonwealth as the 11th highest in road spending in the country.

“I would have preferred to see a bill that addresses the flawed spending that has been going on for decades,” Reese added. “Under this proposal, there was no meaningful reform done and I will continue the fight to make that a priority.”

Representative Mike Reese
59th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Raymond Smith
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