Reese Angered by Lack of Action on Remainder of Budget
Rep. Mike Reese (R-Fayette/Westmoreland) today issued the following statement regarding the failure of the House Democrat leadership to allow a vote on state-related university funding:
“Pennsylvania taxpayers, and their children attending our state-related universities, are being used as pawns by the House Democrat leadership and the governor in an effort to get the so-called ‘table games’ added to the already dysfunctional system of slot-machine gambling in Pennsylvania.
“Critical funding for students at Pitt, Penn State, Lincoln University, Temple University and the University Of Pennsylvania’s School Of Veterinary Medicine has already been passed by the Senate, and only needs the vote of the House to get it to the governor. Instead, the House Democrat leadership decided to not allow approval of those bills on Wednesday night and then failed to show up on the floor for work today.  As a result of this inaction, students could be facing steep tuition bills which may require them to drop out of their schooling for the upcoming second semester.
“This is another glaring example of why Harrisburg needs top-to-bottom reform. This kind of childish game-playing by a mere handful of people in government, that has such a wide-ranging impact, has to be stopped. I am angered by this lack of action because we could have passed this funding right now. If the Democrat leadership is so determined to debate expanding gambling in this state (which I oppose), they can at least do it honestly, openly and fairly, and not use students and their parents as hostages in their game.
“Running away from the Capitol, as the Democrat leadership did today, shows the true lack of leadership by the majority party, which loudly stakes it’s claim to control of the chamber whenever it gets the chance. I was ready to go to work today, as were my Republican colleagues, and we are determined to conduct public policy in the right way, in an open and transparent environment.
“I am committed to getting our budget finished and making sure these students and universities get the funding they need.”
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