Westmoreland County Lawmakers Release Statements on Highmark/UPMC Transition Agreement
HARRISBURG – State Reps. Tim Krieger (R-Delmont), Mike Reese (R-Mt. Pleasant), Eli Evankovich (R-Murrysville) and George Dunbar (R-Penn Township) issued the following statements regarding the comprehensive transition agreement announced today by Highmark/UPMC. The agreement covers how and where patients can receive health care after the contract between the two organizations expires in 2015.

“After years of hearings, meetings and discussions, many of us were concerned that this day would never come,” said Krieger. “I am especially pleased that Highmark/UPMC have fully worked out their differences and have done what is right for the people of western Pennsylvania.”

“I am pleased that all parties involved in this disruptive dispute have come to an agreement for the benefit of our residents,” said Reese. “Cooler heads needed to prevail, and I thank those involved for getting the job done through a lot of hard work. The quality of health care for our residents is the top priority, and I am glad that this has been realized by all involved.”

I would like to applaud UPMC, Highmark and everybody involved in state government who worked hard to bring about a resolution. But most importantly, I applaud the people of western Pennsylvania for their patience during this multi-year public dispute,” said Evankovich. “The complexity and emotion of this debate has been difficult and I look forward to a return to normalcy as this patient-centered agreement moves forward.”

“Today’s Highmark/UPMC transition agreement is one of those decisions that, as a state lawmaker, I am very happy to say that the free market was allowed to do its job and deliver a win-win solution for patients, doctors and all other stakeholders,” said Dunbar. “Although this hard-fought agreement was several years in the making, I am beyond pleased that a resolution was finally reached with minimal government intervention.”

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Representative Tim Krieger
57th District
Representative Mike Reese
59th District
Representative Eli Evankovich
54th District
Representative George Dunbar
56th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Andy Briggs
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