Reese Smart Meter Customer Information Legislation Approved by House
HARRISBURG – Legislation to require customer approval before information gathered by the new “smart meter” technology deployed by many electric utility companies can be shared with government agencies was approved unanimously by the House today, said Rep. Mike Reese (R-Westmoreland/Somerset).

“For the past several years, I have been working on legislation to help consumers address their privacy concerns with the advent of these new smart meters being used in ever-expanding areas,” said Reese. “There has been a great deal of concern raised by my constituents about the release of their personal information from these meters, and I have also heard similar concerns from other residents around the Commonwealth. This bill will make it clear that information from these meters cannot be shared with a government agency without a customer’s consent.”

If House Bill 395 is enacted, only in circumstances such as compliance with a court order, an imminent threat to public health or safety or if the Public Utility Commission is investigating a consumer complaint will information be released without a customer’s consent.

House Bill 395 was passed by a bipartisan vote of 198-0.

“There is a defined role that government must play in our lives, but there is a strict limit as to what that role is,” said Reese.

Representative Mike Reese
59th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Raymond Smith
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