Reese Spirits-To-Go Bill Garners House Approval

HARRISBURG -- Legislation to allow hotel and restaurant licensees to begin selling distilled spirits was passed Tuesday to continue efforts to improve consumer convenience for wine and spirit sales in the Commonwealth. Rep. Mike Reese (R-Westmoreland/Somerset) called his proposal, House Bill 438, another step to withdraw Pennsylvania from the business of selling alcohol.

Rep. Reese comments on the passage of spirits-to-go legislation:
“Making Pennsylvania’s archaic liquor system more consumer-friendly has been a longstanding topic for my constituents and the entire Commonwealth,” said Reese. “It’s clear that Pennsylvanians want to be treated like adults and have access to the same retail options as they do when visiting other states.”

House Bill 438 proposes to establish a Spirit Expanded Permit that could be purchased by any business that holds a valid restaurant or hotel license. With the expanded permit, such businesses would be permitted to sell up to three liters of spirits in a single transaction for the purpose of off-premise consumption.

The proposal mirrors language in Act 39 of 2016, which extended wine sales to hotel and restaurant licensees. Reese said that as the number of grocery stores that purchase restaurant licenses increases, Pennsylvanians can look forward to purchasing beer, wine and liquor while shopping at supermarkets, creating a convenient one-stop scenario for consumers.

The bill, which passed 102-90, will now be considered by the Senate.

Representative Mike Reese
59th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:  Raymond Smith

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