Reese Slams Inaction and Subterfuge in Budget Process
Rep. Mike Reese (R-Fayette/Westmoreland) today issued the following statement regarding the current inaction on the 2009-10 fiscal year state budget.
“Following the passage of Senate Bill 850, Gov. Ed Rendell attempted to name himself dictator of Pennsylvania by usurping a co-equal branch of government through the funding process by use of the line-item veto. This governor has managed to approve funding for himself and his operations, and to fund the judicial branch, but eliminating funding for the Legislature. This is a brazen attempt to eliminate the Legislature’s ability to function, using this as an extortion attempt to get tax increases forced on all Pennsylvania taxpayers at his whim.
The charge that Republicans have failed to negotiate a budget settlement is a bold-faced lie. There have been several proposals put forward to increase funding for certain areas, while holding the line on overall spending and not forcing tax increases on working Pennsylvanians. ALL of these have been categorically rejected. Case in point, House Republican Leader Sam Smith, working in cooperation with so-called ‘blue dog’ or conservative Democrats, crafted a budget agreement that included a $150 million education funding increase. This also had the blessing of Lt. Gov. and Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati. These supposed blue dogs backed out of the agreement. When someone cannot keep their word, their credibility is eliminated.
I am angered and astonished by the actions of this governor and his water-carriers in the House Democrat leadership. This is a repeated slap in the face against the citizens of the Commonwealth. Our people have had to endure constant threats to their finances by these actions, and they have spoken out loud and clear, they have had enough!
The solution that I have advocated, and that is obvious for all to see, is clear. We need a budget that makes state government live within its means, and not a penny more should be asked of our hard-working taxpayers. This process has been a mockery of the standards of good government, and I will continue to fight for all of our residents to get a responsible budget solution, and a government that fulfills the basic needs of our people. Our taxpayers work hard for their families, they deserve our best effort.”
Rep. Mike Reese
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