Reese Begins First Term in House by Taking Oath of Office
Rep. Mike Reese (R-Fayette/Westmoreland) was sworn into office today which marks the beginning of his first term representing the 59th Legislative District.
“I ran for this office with three simple ideas in mind; control spending, make government transparent and make Pennsylvania more business-friendly,” said Reese. “Though I have been working on these missions since November, today’s event forwards this vision. There are serious challenges that we face in the coming weeks and months, and we must meet those challenges with nothing but our best effort.”
Reese says the economy is the top priority going into the new session, but there are other issues that must be faced as well.
“We have to get to work crafting a state budget that will eliminate a projected $1.6 billion deficit and, certainly, increasing spending is not the answer our taxpayers want to see from us as a government,” said Reese. “This budget process must begin right now as people all over Pennsylvania are tired of seeing the budget wait until the very last second.”
Reese says he will also be involved in continuing the legislative reform process.
“Some steps have been taken to open up state government so that it is clear and transparent to the people who pay the way, the taxpayers,” said Reese. “I repeat my pledge to actively work for reform in Harrisburg and by that, I mean real reform, not just a few superficial actions.”
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